CASyM - Coordinating Systems Medicine across Europe

The Coordinating Action Systems Medicine (CASyM) is a multidisciplinary European consortium that joined forces to develop an implementation strategy (road map) for Systems Medicine. The CASyM road map is driven by clinical needs: It aims to identify areas where a systems approach will address clinical questions and solve clinical problems.

Key components of this strategy are:

  • Engagement of all relevant stakeholders
  • Development of multidisciplinary training concepts
  • Assessment of methodological and technological challenges
  • Strengthening innovation activities
  • Professional dissemination concepts
  • Analysis of instruments for the implementation of research programs
  • Creating and shaping a sustainable European community of Systems Medicine

Mission statement

During the next four years, the CASyM consortium will assess the technological and methodological basis for a European Systems Medicine implementation (road map) and will assist the medical community in creating the foundation for a new prospective in medicine that will be personalized, predictive, preventive and participatory (4P medicine).

CASyM and the road to Systems Medicine

CASyM is tasked with formulating a European wide implementation strategy (road map) for Systems Medicine. This new and innovative concept integrates multiple disciplines, whereas a significant part of this is clinical medicine.


What will CASyM do?

CASyM is about all aspects of medicine, and emphasizing clinical medicine, from clinical trials through public health and data handling, to application of Systems Medicine and medical economics.


Why is CASyM important?

Clinicians always have integrated clinical observation, empirical knowledge and information from medical tests in order to diagnose and treat patients. This is a proven and successful concept.