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First Conference of the European Association of Systems Medicine – A new platform for medicine of the 21st century


Registration and abstract submission are now open for the 1st conference of the European Association of Systems Medicine (EASyM) on October 26th-28th in Berlin.  This international event will bring together scientists from all over Europe, including physicians, biologists, health professionals and specialists in mathematical/computational programming. The conference will focus on current examples of Systems Medicine and their ability to shape the future of medical care.  More on:

Clinical Relevance of the First Domomedicine Platform Securing Multidrug Chronotherapy Delivery in Metastatic Cancer Patients at Home: The inCASA European Project

Telehealth solutions can improve the safety of ambulatory chemotherapy, contributing to the maintenance of patients at their home, hence improving their well-being, all the while reducing health care costs. There is, however, need for a practicable multilevel monitoring solution, encompassing relevant outputs involved in the pathophysiology of chemotherapy-induced toxicity. Domomedicine embraces the delivery of complex care and medical procedures at the patient’s home based on modern technologies, and thus it offers an integrated approach for increasing the safety of cancer patients on chemotherapy.


Corresponding Author: Francis Levi, MD, PhD (CASyM Steering Committee member)
Cancer Chronotherapy Unit, Cancer Research Centre Warwick Medical School


ERACoSysMed: Pre-announcement of the “2nd Joint Transnational Call for European Research Projects on Systems Medicine”

ERACoSysMed is a network of 15 funding organisations from 13 countries. The central aim of ERACoSysMed is to enhance the implementation of Systems Biology approaches in medical concepts, research and practice throughout Europe and Israel by structuring, coordinating and integrating national efforts and investments. ERACoSysMed is a five year programme funded under the European Commission ERA-NET Cofund scheme in the H2020 Horizon programme which has begun in January 2015.

Pre-Announcement of the “2nd Joint Transnational Call for European Research Projects on Systems Medicine” (PDF)

Research Associate for Translational Systems Biomedicine (m/f)

The Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) is an interdisciplinary centre of the University, combining experimental, medical and computational approaches to analyse complex biological systems and disease processes. The LCSB focuses on neurodegenerative diseases. Through the establishment of research groups led by clinical scientists, the LCSB also bridges to the clinic. Technological platforms and models on different scales, covering in silico, in vitro and in vivo models in addition to patients and family studies, are the essential elements of the LCSB research strategy. To support our translational biomedical research unit we are currently looking for a highly motivated scientific project manager who enjoys making a difference.