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First CASyM report on Systems Medicine training released

REPORT_cover_pageIn June 2013 CASyM organized its first training workshop and tutorial “Systems Medicine of Multifactorial Disorders” in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This event represented a pilot upon which additional training activities will follow and which will become a CASyM tradition in the European training scheme in the future.

Click here to read the actual report containing many useful information, including pictures, statements and summaries.

Click here and also visit our publication site containing a collection of reports to all CASyM events.



Short report on multiscale modelling workshop – Heidelberg, 11 June 2013

The Role of Multiscale Modelling in Systems Medicine – A CASyM satellite workshop of the SBHD2013 – Heidelberg, 11 June 2013

The (mal)functioning of the human body is a process that is characterised by the interaction of systems across multiple levels of structural and functional organisation — from molecular reactions, to cell-cell interactions in tissues to the physiology of organs and organ systems.

One of the key challenges for systems medicine is the integration of data, models and knowledge arising from these efforts, with the goal to support a comprehensive understanding of the (mal)functioning of tissues and organs, and the effect of drugs in order to develop advanced prognostic and diagnostic tools and optimised therapies.