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Opinion: Systems biology-embedded target validation: improving efficacy in drug discovery

The pharmaceutical industry is faced with a range of challenges with the ever‐escalating costs of drug development and a drying out of drug pipelines. By harnessing advances in ‐omics technologies and moving away from the standard, reductionist model of drug discovery, there is significant potential to reduce costs and improve efficacy. Embedding systems biology approaches in drug discovery, which seek to investigate underlying molecular mechanisms of potential drug targets in a network context, will reduce attrition rates by earlier target validation and the introduction of novel targets into the currently stagnant market. Systems biology approaches also have the potential to assist in the design of multidrug treatments and repositioning of existing drugs, while stratifying patients to give a greater personalization of medical treatment.

Vandamme Drieke, Minke Benedikt A., Fitzmaurice William, Kholodenko Boris N., Kolch Walter.
WIREs Syst Biol Med 2013. doi: 10.1002/wsbm.1253

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Minireview: Human tissue in systems medicine

Histopathology, the examination of an architecturally artefactual, two-dimensional and static image remains a potent tool allowing diagnosis and empirical expectation of prognosis. Considerable optimism exists that the advent of molecular genetic testing and other biomarker strategies will improve or even replace this ancient technology.

Peter D. Caie, Klaas Schuur, Anca Oniscu, Peter Mullen, Paul A. Reynolds and David J. Harrison.
FEBS Journal. doi: 10.1111/febs.12550.

ADAPT-Analysis of Dynamic Adaptations in Parameter Trajectories

This article describes a novel modelling approach to simulate disease progression and evaluate the long-term effects of pharmacological interventions. It has been published in the open access journal PLoS Computational Biology.

Tiemann CA, Vanlier J, Oosterveer MH, Groen AK, Hilbers PA, van Riel NA. Parameter trajectory analysis to identify treatment effects of pharmacological interventions. PLoS Comput Biol. 2013 Aug;9(8):e1003166.

YouTube: Systems Biology of Disease Progression

Systems Biology of Disease Progression

Systems Biology of Disease Progression

Implementation of the CDC translational informatics platform-from genetic variants to the national Swedish Rheumatology Quality Register.

This article on translational informatics has been published in Journal of Translational Medicine

Abugessaisa, I., Gomez-Cabrero, D., Snir, O., Lindblad,S., Klareskog, L., Malmström, V.,  and Tegnér, J. (2013) “Implementation of the CDC translational informatics platform – from genetic variants to the National Swedish Rheumatology Quality Register,  Journal of Translational Medicine, BMC,Vol. 11:85.

Pediatric systems medicine: evaluating needs and opportunities using congenital heart block as a case study

This review on systems medicine has been published in Pediatric Research

J. Tegner and I. Abugessaisa, (2013), “Pediatric systems medicine: evaluating needs and opportunities using congenital heart block as a case study,” Pediatric research, Vol. 73:4-2, pp. 508-513.