EU projects

SysMedPD: Systems Medicine of Mitochondrial Parkinson’s Disease

SysMedPD is a Horizon2020 project with the aim to discover and develop novel drug candidates to slow down Parkinson’s disease with overt mitochondrial dysfunction.


APO-SYS: Apoptosis Systems Biology Applied to Cancer and AIDS

APO-SYS aims at obtaining major progress in comprehension of apoptosis in human diseases, by combining a series of systems biology approaches, in silico, in vitro and in vivo.


ERASysAPP: ERA-Net for Applied Systems Biology

ERASysApp will coordinate and enhance research opportunities in the emerging scientific field of Systems Biology. This ERA-Net predominantly aims at funding transnational Applied Systems Biology research, encouraging institutions.


ISBE: Infrastructure for Systems Biology – Europe

ISBE is a large-scale research infrastructure project on the ESFRI Roadmap, funded under the FP7 of the European Commission, and is designed to meet the needs of European Systems Biology in terms of development, applications and training.


PerMed: Personalized Medicine 2020 and beyond – Preparing Europe for leading the global way

Personalized Medicine is one of the most innovative areas in the future of health research with a high potential for patients, citizens and the economy. To deploy the full potential of Personalized Medicine, the CSA PerMed was initiated to step up coordination efforts between European key stakeholders to allow synergies and avoid duplication or competition, to ensure maximum transparency and openness preparing Europe for leading the global way.


The MultiMod project

The treatment of complex disease like allergy, obesity and cancer is complicated by variable response to medication. This causes both increased suffering and costs. Ideally, physicians should be able to routinely personalize medication based on a few diagnostic markers. Finding such markers is a formidable challenge.


Syscilia: A systems biology approach to dissect cilia function and its disruption in human genetic disease

The aim of SYSCILIA is to identify the molecular mechanisms characterizing cilium function, and the discrete perturbations associated with dysfunction caused by mutations in inherited ciliopathies, applying a systems biology approach.


SysmedIBD: Systems medicine of chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease

SysmedIBD is a EU funded research project (coordinator: Prof. Werner Müller, Manchester University), focusing on a systems medicine approach of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.


U-BIOPRED: Unbiased BIOmarkers in PREDiction of respiratory disease outcomes

U-BIOPRED is the IMI (Innovative Medicine Initiative) project on Systems Medicines of severe asthma.